Photorejuvenation Mn

Photorejuvenation Mn

For affordable, safe, and effective photorejuvenation in MN, more people trust Finale Hair Removal and Facial Rejuvenation. We are the Twin City's leading expert in photorejuvenation, using only the latest, most cutting-edge technology in a state-of-the-art clinical facility. Call to schedule your appointment today and save big!

Photorejuvenation of the Face

Photorejuvenation of the face is known by a variety of names, including photo facial, skin toning, and photorejuvenation. It is a simple procedure using an intense pulsed light (IPL) to affect three different areas of the skin. First, it helps to reduce the red appearance of skin, including reducing spider veins in the face. Second, it helps reduce the brown discoloration of the face, including sunspots and sun patches. Finally, photorejuvenation helps to improve the texture of the skin by reducing the appearance of pores and softening the irregular surface of the skin.

How Photorejuvenation Works

Photorejuvenation helps to restore the natural beauty and youthful glow of the skin. At Finale Hair Removal and Facial Rejuvenation, our approach consists of several IPL treatments of the skin with two or more distinct wavelengths of light, which better target the areas needing improvement.

We then have patients undergo a GentleLase treatment to improve skin collagen. Two weeks later, patients will undergo microdermabrasion to help diminish spots. The process is repeated several times, leading to an overall beautified appearance of the skin. The new 21st Century photorejuvenation treatments, called Photofacial Plus, can add fractional infrared and or fractional 1540 laser treatment to give a total effect to your photo facial.

Anti Aging Benefits

Winter is the perfect time to receive photorejuvenation in MN to remove any of the sun damage that your skin might have incurred during the summer months. Give the skin on your face a nice, fresh look by rejuvenating fine lines and open pores so you can wear less makeup. Some women are able to get rid of makeup altogether after our photorejuvenation treatments.

If you want to improve the appearance of your facial skin with no downtime, IPL photorejuvenation in MN might be right for you. With intense pulsed light, the targets in the skin that are heated are blood vessels and pigment cells. When these absorb the laser energy, heat is generated, and that heat stimulates a healing response. When the response occurs, the skin is tightened, the pores are improved, and the skin is made more luminous because red and brown spots fade. The result is that you will look younger and more vibrant.

Trust Finale Hair Removal and Facial Rejuvenation

In addition to IPL, we also use a vascular laser called the XLV. The XLV is a laser as opposed to intense pulsed light, and we use this laser for a more intense beam for more distinct blood vessels that are located on the face and on the legs. If you're looking for photorejuvenation in MN, or if you have any further questions about the process, give us a call.

Photorejuvenation Mn
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Photorejuvenation Mn

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