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Improve the look of your skin without surgery

Skin tightening treatments tighten loose skin while minimizing stretch marks. These body contouring treatments can also reduce stretch marks and wrinkles and diminish body fat and cellulite. Enhance your shape and get back to looking and feeling better.

Finalé technicians use Venus Freeze™ Plus, a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment that uses pulsed electro-magnetic fields to rejuvenate your skin without pain.

What can skin tightening do for me?

Skin tightening treatments can restore your body shape so you look and feel better. Skin tightening can flatten your abdomen, reduce cellulite, diminish stretch marks, contour your thighs, and tighten skin on your neck and face. The effects of your skin tightening treatments last up to three months.¹ ² Read More...

Venus Skin Tightening Treatment Package*

Receive a free demonstration of the Venus Freeze™ Plus, skin tightening treatment with your custom package at promo prices!

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