Night With Finalé

Want a night out? Schedule a Night Out at Finalé with your Besties!

  • The organizer is free with 3 paying guests.
  • Guests receive a $50 Gift Certificate.
  • Services offered for $100 ($200 value) limit 1 per client.

(1) Customized facial for individual including microdermabrasion

Hair Removal
(3) treatments to lip or chin (3 underarms $150)
(1) Small area (Face, Neck, or Hands)
(1) Treatment to 1 area (8×10 area total of 20 minutes)
The organizer brings refreshments of their choice for the evening, Finalé provides the services.

Book Your Night Out Today!

Thursday and Friday nights are reserved for our Night Outs. Saturday nights are available upon request.