A tried and true permanent hair removal method

Electrolysis hair removal is an outpatient procedure that removes unwanted hair by killing the hair root with an electric current. The procedure requires several treatments over a period of time. Each treatment breaks down the hair follicle so hair grows back finer and lighter until the follicle is no longer able to produce hair.

What can electrolysis do for me?

Electrolysis can remove white, red, grey, blond, and fine vellus hairs—the kind that cover most of the body.¹

How long will my electrolysis procedure take?

Each treatment session length is dependent upon the area that is covered and the skin tone. They last anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours. We’ll recommend a series of treatments depending on the amount of hair you wish to remove as well as how coarse the hair is.

Is the treatment safe?

All medical procedures carry risks. Finalé’s certified technicians use single use, sterile, disposable needles, gloves and masks for each separate electrolysis treatment. You’re in safe hands at Finalé!

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*Individual results may vary.




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