Photorejuvenation Skin Treatments

Using broadband light (BBL) to repair your skin

Photorejuvenation allows you to see the skin damage the sun and your lifestyle cause. Sometimes it is known as Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). First, we’ll snap an image of your skin so we can determine appropriate treatment. Then, we’ll use broadband light to precisely target your wrinkles, sun spots, and other skin blemishes. Over a number of treatments, you’ll see a reduction in skin blemishes and enjoy a more youthful look.

Finalé technicians use SCITON BBL™ Broadband Light, a non-invasive treatment that uses two powerful lamps that emit broadband light to reduce skin blemishes.

What can photorejuvenation do for me?

Photorejuvenation is FDA approved to treat a number of skin conditions. Your photorejuvenation treatment can reduce or eliminate benign pigmented lesions, fine wrinkles, sun spots, and broken capillaries.

How long will my photo rejuvenation procedure take?

Each outpatient, non-invasive photorejuvenation skin treatment lasts approximately 20-60 minutes depending upon the size of the area. You’ll see progress over three to five treatment sessions.

Is the treatment safe?

All medical procedures carry risks. Photorejuvenation treatments are non-invasive and create little or no pain. Our BBL® system cools your skin as the lamps eliminate blemishes. Finalé’s certified technicians are overseen by certified plastic surgeons. You’re in safe hands at Finalé!

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*Individual results may vary.


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