Facials and Chemical Peel Skin Treatments

Reduce the signs of aging, acne, and other skin blemishesfacial

Facials are non-invasive, relaxing treatments that reduce the signs of aging and repair of tired, dehydrated skin.* Finalé facials deliver nutrients and antioxidants to the skin so it looks and feels refreshed and healthy. We offer many types of facials and will find the one right for you. 

Chemical peels use chemical solutions to remove old skin and allow new, smoother, fresher-looking skin to shine forward. Chemical peel skin treatments can reduce fine lines and wrinkles from aging and sun damage. They can also minimize age spots and mild scarring. Chemical peels are common treatments for some types of acne.

vi-peel-2What can facials and chemical peel treatments do for me?

Facials and chemical peel skin treatments can reduce the signs of aging and other skin damage, including age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, large pores, dark patches, and acne.

How long will my facial or chemical peel treatment take?

Each facial and chemical peel treatment lasts approximately 30 minutes. We might recommend a series of treatments to achieve the results you desire.

Are these treatments safe?

All medical procedures carry risks. Facials and chemical peels are non-surgical and non-invasive. It’s common to experience one to three days of redness as your skin heals from your chemical peel treatment. Finalé’s certified technicians are overseen by certified plastic surgeons. You’re in safe hands at Finalé!


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*Individual results may vary.


Many of our clients sign up for one of our Membership Packages. By signing up you can get a monthly 60 minute facial, discounts, along with some maintenance options keeping you looking your best!